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Savannah Postal Credit Union has been advised that fraudulent emails are being circulated. They appear to be from FDIC. The subject line contains the following:  “Funds wired into your account are stolen.”

You are ask to open and review the attached file. This email is fraudulent and was not sent by the FDIC or Savannah Postal Credit Union.

The fraudulent e-mail tells the recipient that proceeds from identity theft crimes have been wire-transferred into their bank account. The e-mail then directs the recipient to open and review an attached copy of their bank account statement and to contact their bank account managers.

The attached file is actually an executable file containing malicious code or software. Recipients should consider the attached file as a malicious attempt to collect online banking credentials or other personal and confidential information that could be used to gain unauthorized access to on-line banking services or perpetrate identity theft and other criminal activities.

Recipients of the fraudulent e-mail should not reply and should not attempt to open the attached file.


If you receive an automated message stating "Your Debit Card From SPCU Was Suspended Due To Suspicious Fraud Activity" and are ask for any card information, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION.

Call SPCU if you receive this type of call.

You may also receive a bogus e-mail mimicking an e-mail from Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU).  This e-mail asks members to take a brief survey.

CSCU DOES NOT communicate with cardholders directly.

This is an attempt to gain personal information as well as plastic card information.  Do not respond to this communication.

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