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        MEMBER NUMBER_________________________________
        MEMBER NAME (Print)______________________________________________________
        CITY__________________________________        STATE_________        ZIP_________
        HOME PHONE__________________________ WORK PHONE___________________
        ACCOUNT NUMBER____________________________
        CHECK # TO STOP PAY___________________ AMOUNT $______________________
        PAYABLE TO____________________________ DATE WRITTEN _________________

Disclosure: All items must be accurate or our computer systems will not properly stop payment. Print this form and complete all sections. Sign the form and mail, fax, or bring to the credit union in person to create a stop payment that is valid for 180 days. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

We cannot accept Stop Payment due to Insufficient Funds in your account

       SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS____________________DAY OF____________________20______




      NOTARY PUBLIC IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF:________________________________
      AND THE STATE OF:_______________________________

Uniform Commercial Code 4-403 “Customer's Right To Stop Payment: Burden of Proof of Loss”

  1. A customer may by order to his thrift institution stop payment of any item payable for his account but the order must be received at such time and in such a manner as to afford the institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it prior to any action by the institution with respect to the item described in Section 4-303.
  2. An oral order is binding upon the institution only for fourteen calendar days unless confirmed in writing within that period. A written order in effective for only six months unless renewed in writing.
  3. The burden of establishing the fact and amount of loss resulting from the payment of an item contrary to a binding stop payment order is on the customer.

You Must Print, Sign, and Return to Credit Union

Savannah Postal Credit Union
22 Oglethorpe Professional Boulevard
P.O. Box 13807
Savannah, GA 31416-0807

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